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How to Find Cheap International Courier Services that is Reliable

Most people wouldn’t consider cheap and reliable to be good words to describe international courier services. Most think you can only have reliable or cheap, but not both together. However, there are cheap options that are reliable and trustworthy, if you are willing to do a little extra research and find the companies that are out there.

Flat Rates

Many international couriers offer flat rate services for certain items. If you have a series of small items or soft ones that will easily fit within a certain box and will still seal, you can use those boxes for a flat rate. This means you will pay a small fee to ship that box. Many shipping companies offer these services because customers with small items shouldn’t be required to pay by weight.

It is important to know that flat-rate services are not provided by all couriers and certain items are not allowed. For example, dangerous goods such as batteries, aerosol sprays and electronics are not allowed in the flat-rate boxes because of the danger to send them and the added fees involved.

Certain international couriers will not provide flat-rate boxes because of the difficulty of assuming import taxes and other fees.


Reading online reviews and doing your research is essential to finding cheap international courier services with great customer service. Many times, cheap instills a fear of items being lost or damaged, which does happen. However, if you read reviews and complaints against the courier, you will likely find out whether they offer decent services for a cheap price.

Many cheap couriers can provide low prices because they buy postage slots from other agencies. Large companies tend to purchase multiple shipping slots in case they need them. When it becomes apparent they don’t require that many slots, they will sell them for less and discount couriers will pick them up and offer them to customers for a lower price.


Discounts may not typically fall under the category of cheap, but many people receive discount services through their international courier for different reasons, which can lower the price of one shipment. These discounts can be for individuals and companies that frequently ship items with the same courier, making it less expensive for you and better for business. It is not a good idea to rely heavily on discounts as they may not always be available.

Cheap international courier services exist, especially if you consider Fastway Worldwide Express India as they offer many great choices for less than their competitors.