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Fifty Year Old Company Excels When it Comes to Paving in Middletown CT

Paving companies know it’s their superior workmanship that new clients respect. Their work is out there for everyone to see. Homeowners call them to install new driveways leading to their newly constructed homes or they’re called to repair and seal cracks in aging driveways. They pave municipality roads ensuring the safety of all drivers using them. Some companies have been in the business of serving their communities for over 50 years. During that time, they’ve built up a strong reputation that’s second to none. Paving companies also have websites for people who want to view their recent work and actually see the people that own the company.

Family Owned and Operated

Sullivan Paving is one such company that started out in business in 1965. They’re family owned and operated and people all over the Middletown and surrounding areas trust and depend on them. During all those years, the company has kept up with changes in the business, the best materials, and the purchase of the huge machines that make each employee’s job easier, safer, and more efficient. When it comes to Paving in Middletown CT, every competing paving company needs to have a good reputation.

Services Provided by Paving Companies

From paving new roads with easy driving, easy to repair asphalt, to grading and laying gravel on long driveways, paving companies offer free estimates and warrant their workmanship and materials. Many customers are having the beautiful look of brick, slate, or cobblestone installed around their home’s outdoor kitchens or garages. The look and goal homeowners are striving to achieve can be obtained starting with their first phone call.

Drainage Problems

Along with Paving in Middletown CT, companies are often called on to help homeowners with drainage problems. Water from a recent rainstorm can get underneath the asphalt and cause cracks in driveways and parking lots. Water that doesn’t drain properly can cause serious damage to a homeowner’s property, starting with the home itself, and ending with ruts in driveways. Call a reputable company immediately to install a proper drainage system around the home before the basement cracks and the home slides causing a myriad of expensive repairs. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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