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Family Dentists In Appleton Can Treat Patients Of All Ages

As a good parent, you want to research family dentists in Appleton that can provide cosmetic dental procedures and emergency dental services for when any age member of your family needs them. You know you have found a good dentist that has taken the time to continue their dental education beyond just the usual general services a dentist can perform. General services include things like providing your annual checkups, including x-rays, cleanings, cavity filling and diagnosing and treating gum diseases.

Cosmetic dental services can be as simple as providing you with a bridge or dental implant for a single tooth or as complex as a full mouth reconstruction. This can include providing Invisalign braces that are practically invisible when you are wearing them. It can also include professional teeth cleaning, providing porcelain veneers and crowns to improve the smiles of your family.

Sometimes people will have unusually high fears of dental visits. If you can find one of the family dentists in Appleton that provides “conscious sedation dentistry,” you will be able to help the person with high anxiety about dentists to be more comfortable when getting their dental treatments. They can be assured of a pain free and relaxing visit to the dentist. The way it works is the patient takes one little pill before coming in for their appointment. The pill keeps them fully conscious and very relaxed during their visit. The pill also works produces an amnesiac effect to minimize the patients memory of the procedure being preformed. It is this effect that makes the visit completely stress and worry free.

Even patients that only have a little apprehension of dental visits can ask for this option. You can rest assured that your dentist will be monitoring you to make sure that you don’t experience any discomfort throughout the entire visit. You get the same level and quality of care that a hospital provides their patients.

Checking out which services and procedures are provided by a Dr. Douglas Nelson dental office is just smart parenting. By being able to have the services talked about here, you will know that just about any kind of dental services any member of your family will be provided without your dentist having to refer you out to some other dentist. By knowing that your dentist is available to provide emergency dental services, you will always know where to take anyone that has any kind of dental emergency