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Facts About Cremation In Atlantic Highlands

Cremation is a steadily growing option for those people who do not wish to be buried. As popular as cremation is, though, there remain some misconceptions and untruths about the process which still need to be cleared up. Here are some surprising facts about cremation Atlantic Highlands.

Fact One

The remains of someone who has been cremated can be used in fireworks. That’s right; there are companies who will actually mix them in with the gunpowder and design a specific fireworks display in memory of the deceased.

Fact Two

There are no actual ashes within the urn. What the family receives back from the crematory are finely ground bones. The bones are pulverized and then ground with a special machine into such a fine powder they resemble ashes. These are referred to as cremains.

Fact Three

In case someone was wondering how high the temperature is inside the crematory, it reaches 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the temperature at which the human body will properly go through the process of cremation Atlantic Highlands. The fuel used is natural gas. It acts to get rid of all of the organic compounds which are left within the body at the time of death.

Fact Four

There was a long-held belief during the 1800s and early 1900s that crematories would burn more than one body at a time. This is untrue and impossible. The crematorium can only fit one body in it at a time.

Fact Five

For some reason, there are many people who are under the impression they cannot be cremated and also have a funeral. This is definitely untrue. There is no law or even common practice which states there must be a burial with a funeral. While certain religions may object to cremations, the funeral home will gladly have a funeral ceremony along with cremains in an urn.

Click here for more information about the process of cremation and how to arrange one for the deceased loved one or for oneself. They will happily answer any questions that the inquiring person may have. All questions will be answered with empathy.