Factors That Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Harrisburg PA Rate

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Insurance

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Choosing an auto insurance policy can be a confusing and costly procedure for all involved. Knowing what will get you a discount on your insurance rates can definitely help you save a ton of money. Here are a few factors that insurance companies look at to determine you Auto Insurance Harrisburg PA rates.

Driving Record

How many speeding tickets and parking violations you have on your driving record can affect the amount of money you pay for Auto Insurance Harrisburg PA. Having a pristine driving record, free of blemishes, such as speeding citations, can get you a great deal on your insurance. On the other hand having a driving record full of tickets will inevitably increase the amount of money you pay for car insurance. So the best thing you can do is obey all traffic laws and keep you record clean so you aren’t put in a financial bind by outrageous insurance rates.

Your Location

Factors such as where you live can affect the rate of your insurance coverage, which could lead to you paying more. Large metropolitan areas have a higher rate of crime and traffic accidents than smaller towns and cities do. Therefore, the insurance rate for a person who lives in a large area will be significantly more than a small town person’s rate will be. This is so the insurance company can hedge their bets and reduce the amount of accidents that may occur in the bigger city.

Age and Gender

It has long been common knowledge that the age of a person determines the rate that they will pay for car insurance. Younger people have a far larger risk of being involved in wrecks due to fast driving or just not paying attention. This fact is part of the reason why their rates on insurance are much higher than an older person’s would be.

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