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Extra Amenities at High End Retirement Homes in KY

You might be considering a Retirement Home in KY because life is becoming too difficult, or your alone, or you don’t want to burden family. You might hate the idea of living in a senior living home because it makes you feel old or it seems like a hospital painted to look like a nice home. You might be surprised to learn that there are senior living homes that are just like staying at a five-star hotel.

Five-star restaurants have a dining hall, but they also provide smaller restaurants and in room cooking. At a Retirement Homes Teays Valley, you might find a cafe where you can go with friends to get coffee and dessert. Some might have a bistro that makes sandwiches for a nice lunch. Sure, you could go to the dining hall that works like a five-star restaurant, or you could stay in and make dinner in your room. Some rooms only have a microwave, while others have full kitchens. You might even find a home with a bar and lounge. Head over with some friends on a Friday night for some drinks and the ballgame on the big screen.

Health Services
Every senior living home has health services with doctors and nurses. A great senior living home will also provide a gym and spa. You can work out on the machines to stay fit and active. Some might have a pool for swimming and offer aquatic therapy. After a few hours of working out, you could head to the spa where you can get a massage, soak in the hot tub, or even get a mani-pedi.

You’ll never be bored at a five-star senior living home. Many have a theater that will show new movies without having to go out to a local theater. You get the movie theater experience, complete with popcorn, without the hassle. Game rooms are also available throughout the home, complete with pool and poker tables. Get the friends together for some fun betting. Many homes also offer excursions to other locations for the day as an opportunity to get out of the home and do something fun.

With all these amenities, you’ll feel like you’re living at a five-star hotel, and you’ll be treated like you’re living in one, too.