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What To Expect When Taking Items To A Company That Will Buy Silver In Chicago

One of the easiest ways for individuals to turn unwanted items into cash they can use is to sell those items to a pawn shop, as they will provide the person with top dollar and get them their cash on the spot. One of the most sought-after items in a pawn shop is silver, as it can be used for a variety of things, and whole pieces of jewelry can be resold. Here is what a person can expect when they choose to visit a company that will buy silver in Chicago.

Item Evaluation

The pawn shop employee will first inspect the item and ensure it is pure silver. Most use an electronic tester that can determine the composition of an object by placing a specialized sensor on the metal. Once the item’s quality is verified, they will then weigh the item and compare that to the current market rate for silver. While it is typically lower when compared to gold and other precious metals, the price of silver remains stable and rarely experiences significant fluctuations.

Offer To Purchase

Once the item has been valued, the pawn shop will supply the person selling the item with an offer to purchase that details the amount of cash they will provide for the item. If the customer agrees, they must sign a contract releasing the item to the pawn shop and provide them with a state-issued form of identification. The person also has the choice of using the silver as collateral for a cash loan.

Receipt Of Money

Once all of the paperwork has been completed, the pawn shop will provide the person with cash. Larger sale amounts may require the payment to be made via check, but many pawn shops use a local bank, which will enable the person selling the item to cash the check the same day.

One of the best ways to dispose of unused jewelry is to find a pawn shop that will Buy Silver in Chicago. Clark Pawners and Jewelers buys both gold and silver and provides their customers with top dollar prices. Visit us in person or online today to learn more and turn any unwanted jewelry into cash.