What To Expect At Fire Extinguisher Training In Illinois

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Business

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OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, provides specific guidelines for companies and businesses with regards to training employees in the correct use of fire extinguishers. Choosing a top level fire extinguisher training in Illinois will ensure your business is in compliance with these regulations.

However, there is one other important factor to consider even if OSHA regulations are not applicable to a specific situation. When employees, managers, and staff have completed fire extinguisher training in Illinois they are better able to respond to emergencies in ways that are effective, do not cause a greater risk to property or people, and which limit the chance of personal injury.

Indoor Training

The best fire extinguisher training in Illinois is designed to be delivered on site. This means your staff will meet in a building or location of your determination for the training. With this feature, it is easy to coordinate the training and ensure attendance for full and part-time employees.

The indoor training component reviews all the technical information about the use of fire extinguishers. This includes discussing different classes of fires and knowing which type of fire extinguisher to use and why. This is a critical component of fire extinguisher training in Illinois as using the wrong type of fire suppression method can result in acceleration of the fire and greater risk of injury.

Hands-on Training

In addition to the indoor, theoretical, and knowledge-based fire extinguisher training in Illinois the top classes will then provide the participants with controlled simulations to allow them to practice extinguishing a fire.

This will be completed outdoors, typically in a secure area of your facility. It is carefully monitored by the qualified, professional instructors and each participant will have direct supervision during their practice.

The benefit of this combination of modes in fire extinguisher training in Illinois is very beneficial for all staff. It can be used as an annual training for the entire workplace and then specialized teams may be trained separately in the use of particular types of fire suppression equipment use.

At the end of the fire extinguisher training in Illinois participants will feel confident in the use of fire extinguishers within the workplace, which is also going to be the same skills they can use to deal with fires at home. The top training programs will provide a certificate of completion for the facility, allowing you to show your compliance with OSHA requirements.

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