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Excavation Services in Lewis Center OH Begin the Process of Tackling Problems With Underground Sewer Lines

Excavation Services in Lewis Center OH from plumbing contractors are available when a home owner must have repairs done to the underground sewer line or have part of the line replaced. This is not the sort of project any property owner looks forward to since it is relatively costly and requires some degree of damage to the yard. In addition, the excavation nearly always takes place in front of the house. The sewer pipe in the home’s interior structure connects with the property’s underground line, which is in turn connected to the municipal line under the street out front. Excavating as, well as repair and replacement work, can be accomplished by a contractor such as Amanda Plumbing, Sewer & Drain.

Unfortunately, when enough problems have developed with the underground sewer line over the years, the property owner has no choice but to resolve the situation. Cracks in clay or concrete sewer lines tend to occur over time, and tree roots start growing into the small spaces where pipe joints connect. The home owner may be calling for sewer clearing service too often for it to be acceptable anymore, especially since there typically is unpleasant cleaning work ahead after a sewer backup. In addition, cracks that become big enough can start leaking sewage into the ground, which is not considered safe. There may be signs of this occurring, such as damp areas in the lawn above the pipe and lusher grass growing because of the added fertilizer.

The homeowner is responsible for problems with the line to the edge of the property. Beyond that, the municipality must correct any issues that have occurred. Depending on the circumstances, Excavation Services in Lewis Center OH may be able to use trenchless digging to minimize destruction in the landscaping.

Another situation in which the property owner usually is required to hire this type of service is when a municipality’s borders overtake a rural area, and public sewer lines are installed. Property owners typically are required to stop using their private septic system and hook up to the municipality within a certain time frame. Homeowners often are disgruntled about the situation, but they must abide by the regulations. Visit the website for more information.