Everyone Needs Health Insurance in CT

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Insurance

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Health insurance is a topic that has been a big issue in the last several years. With the cost of getting good care rising steadily, premiums for coverage also had to rise to keep the expenses covered. This led to a situation where companies were struggling to keep their employees protected, and individuals felt like they could hardly afford to get an annual physical. While there is a lot of work left to do to get the entire country to a place where everyone gets the care that they need, virtually everyone agrees that it is important to have some kind of health insurance CT.

Due to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, you are now required to have some kind of coverage to avoid paying a penalty on your taxes. If you don’t make at least 400% of the federal poverty rate, you can get funds from the government to help you to afford a policy. it’s important, then, that you ake a close look at your financial situation and where you stand relative to the law. With the federal government working so hard to make sure that everyone will be able to get the care that they need to be healthy, no one should miss out on the chance to participate simply because they didn’t check into the rules and realize that there would be help to allow them to afford what they need.

You have every right to go to a company on your own and make arrangements for your own health insurance CT. You aren’t required to do it through any special government system, so long as you’ll be able to show that you do have the required coverage in place. Depending on the exact policy you choose, you may also get coverage for vision and dental care, but these aren’t absolutely required. The important thing is that you have something lined up to protect you in case a sudden disaster puts you in a position where you need significant health care that you couldn’t afford on your own.

It’s simply not a good idea to try to pay for care out of your own pockets. Sadly, providers charge drastically more to the uninsured for the same treatments. It’s a much better deal in the long run to work with a company that can negotiate on your behalf. You can get more information on what is available through RDDK.com.


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