Estate Attorneys in Cicero can Protect your Family and Wealth

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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The one thing that almost everyone could agree on is that they don’t want the State to decide who gets their stuff when they are gone. Retiring seems to be the time when a lot of people start to think about planning their estate. Or perhaps they thought about it in the past, but only as ‘something I need to think about later’.

Unfortunately, ‘later’ comes sooner than most of us anticipate. Living is complicated and messy. Marriages, divorces, children (with and without marriage), illness, business successes and failures and all the million other things that happen – dying without a will, or intestate, can leave a financial disaster for those left behind. However, the State decides to divide and distribute the estate will be guaranteed to not be what would have been preferred.

A good estate attorney near Cicero understands the uniqueness of each client and will take the time to tailor a plan to the client’s needs. The impact of survivors having to pay hefty estate taxes has destroyed many family businesses and farms; a well-thought-out estate plan will minimize the tax consequences. An estate plan can be thought of in the same way as homeowner’s insurance: if the worst happens, a plan is in place to make life simpler for those who have to deal with the aftereffects. Having guardianship plans in place if needed for children or adults who would need the protection is also something that needs consideration and planning. These personal, family matters should not be left to a bureaucrat to decide.

Koch & Associates P.C. Attorneys At Law concentrates its practice in the areas of foreclosure and bankruptcy, business litigation and personal injury cases. Anyone needing the services of experienced estate attorneys in Cicero should contact this firm for a free consultation.

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