Entering the World of Trade Shows: Some Food For Thought

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Business

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If you are just entering the realm of trade shows, there are a host of questions that you probably have for experts already embroiled in the community. Indeed, experts in this mode of business explain that when participating in a trade show you have exactly three seconds in which to make an impact. While this is illuminating advice, to be sure, how ought it to be addressed in a concrete way? Well, all of this will depend on some of the questions you must first ask yourself. The following are some of the most fundamental queries you must pose yourself when constructing custom exhibits:

1-What Do You Aim to Achieve By Participating in Trade Shows?

Defining your aims and intentions with respect to trade show participation is crucial in order to build a custom exhibit that best suits your needs. For example, are you participating only in order to get a sense of the business environment and feel out the opportunities therein? Is promotion your main goal, or would you rather sell your product in bulk? Your answers to these questions will inform the design of your exhibit in important ways-so take the time to consider them.

2-What will be the Location of Your Booth?

Consider where and how your exhibit will be displayed and located. This will involve some questioning about the show space itself, and how large or small it may in fact be. Think about whether your booth will be located in a corner position, in a line, or on the end. All of these factors will have a huge impact on the shape and size of your exhibit. They will also tell you a lot about how many people will actually be accessing your booth and from which direction. All of these things are important when building your own beautiful and engaging exhibit.

3-Transportaion-How Will You Be Moving Your Exhibit Around?

When asking yourself these fundamental questions, do not forget to consider how you intend on moving your exhibit from point A to point B. If you own a relatively large company with equally large company vehicles, perhaps transportation is something you can handle with ease. If not, you will have to consider exhibit transportation, and their costs. This is well worth your while if regular participation in trade shows is something that interests you.

In sum, there are a number of questions that you ought to ask yourself—and professionals in the field—when it comes to building your own custom exhibit. Take the time to properly consider the many factors involved.

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