Ensure Your Newark Fire Sprinkler System Will Function in an Emergency

One of the fire safety tools your business relies upon is the sprinkler system, so it’s important to ensure that system is consistently in good working order. You can best do this by asking a fire sprinkler service company in NJ to evaluate the system on a regular basis. Additionally, the following tips will ensure the system will operate when you need it.

Don’t Cover in Paint

You may not realize that your sprinklers won’t operate if they have been exposed to paint, spray insulation, or other contaminants. Sprinklers rely on small holes to release water and a mercury switch that’s sensitive to temperature changes. These components won’t operate as intended if they’re covered with paint and similar foreign objects. When you’re doing any type of renovation, be sure your contractors know to work around the sprinklers.

Don’t Damage the Sprinklers

Make sure your employees know that the sprinklers can’t support the weight of other objects. Suspending plant hangers, clothes hangers, and similar items from the sprinkler can cause it to become damaged. Additionally, placing items in front of the sprinklers can inhibit their operation even if the sprinklers aren’t damaged.

Test it on a Regular Basis

Your fire sprinkler service company in NJ should show you how to test your system upon their next visit. This will help you ensure the system remains in good working order between inspections. If you test the system and it fails to function properly, call and notify them of the problem.

When you need to have your fire sprinkler system tested or repaired, contact Newark Fire Sprinkler Corp.

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