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Enjoy College Life in Student Apartments Located in the Heart of Austin

When it comes to moving out of your childhood home to pursue a college career, it can be challenging to find a place that makes you feel comfortable without leaving you in a cramped dorm room on-campus. These student apartments in Austin are only a block away from the UT campus and have tons of amenities that will not only make you feel safe but allow you to mingle with new friends and find private places to study.

Keep Focused and Unwind

Although it’s crucial to keep your grades up, it’s also vital to your overall health and well-being to take time for yourself and relax every now and then. Several private study pods are situated around the property for your convenience, but there are also collaborative spaces like media rooms where you can meet with a group and hash out your next project.

Focusing on Fitness

Your college years are the perfect time to transform yourself into the person you always felt you could be. It’s easy to meet or maintain fitness and wellness goals at these student apartments in Austin because they not only have a 24-hour gym in the building, but you can also sign up for fitness and yoga classes. No membership is required as all residents have electronic access to the gym at all hours.

Contact Ion Austin to learn more about their student apartments in Austin and the many unique features and amenities included in the building.

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