Emergency Dentist in Absecon – Tips for Treating an Abscessed Tooth

by | Feb 22, 2014 | Dental Services

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An abscess is an infection that occurs within the tooth that spreads from the tip of the root to around the gums. This condition can be very painful because of the constant throbbing. People who have an abscessed tooth can find relief by visiting an Emergency Dentist in Absecon.

An abscessed tooth is a condition that may occur for different reasons. One of the main causes stems from dental cavities. Decay can spread deep into the teeth until it reaches the pulp chamber, resulting in swelling and pain. Other causes can include a blow to the tooth, trauma caused by clenching or grinding and from dental treatments like fillings or crowns that may get too close to the pulp chamber. This results in the pump chamber becoming damaged and unable to recover from the injury.

Pain pills may temporary stop the pain, but you will have to see an Emergency Dentist in Absecon to cure the condition. The dentist has to examine to tooth before deciding on how to treat it. The examination is followed up with tests and x-rays. The treatment process usually starts with cleaning out the infection. The course of action to take depends on how much of the infection has spread within the tooth. If the infection has spread deep within the tooth, then the dentist may have to drain the abscess and prescribe oral antibiotics. When the infection spreads too quickly, it may require immediate attention. Example symptoms may include swelling of the face or fever. However, some people can wait too long, which leads to difficulty swallowing or breathing.

Regular dental visits play a big role in avoiding this condition. It also helps to practice good home care habits. Time is another concern because of the possibility of having to extract the tooth. The chance is higher for the infection to spread and become an abscess when the tooth is allowed to just sit. If you notice a decayed or sensitive tooth, then you should take the steps to fix the problem early. Patients can benefit from finding an Emergency Dentist in Absecon who provides corrective and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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