Electrical Repair in Chicago Heights, IL for a Serious, Unexplained, and Sudden Problem

When extensive Electrical Repair in Chicago Heights IL is needed in a residential setting, the electrician must formulate a plan before beginning. Sometimes, it can take a while even to determine what has caused a significant problem to occur. Homeowners must be patient and manage living without power for a couple of days while the electrician tracks down the source of the issue and then devises a plan of action. These steps are crucial for safety.

An Example

Consider a home where one of the residents wakes up in the middle of the night and smells an odor like something burning. Upon investigation with a few lights on, it seems that the odor is coming from the clothes dryer or the vent pipe in the basement. Sure enough, the vent pipe is hot to the touch. This person unplugs the dryer only to discover that the lights suddenly are noticeably brighter. The breaker box starts to make popping noises. The person rushes to the box and shuts off the main switch.

Diagnosis and Plan Formulation

This is a scary moment, as nobody in the house has any idea what has caused this serious problem to develop seemingly for no reason. They wait until morning to call for Electrical Repair in Chicago Heights IL. The electrician spends some time in the basement, crawl space, and upstairs, and then promises to return the next day.

This is obviously frustrating to the customers, but if the electrician acts without carefully planning how to resolve the problem, the safety issue may not be fully addressed.

The Explanation

This particular type of issue can develop when wiring comes loose. For instance, a washer-dryer combination product can cause loose dryer wires if the washing machine runs while it’s very off balance. The vibration can damage both machines. Now, electrical overloads can occur in the circuit even when the dryer is not running. A crossed neutral wire can result in a hazardous situation. The details are complicated to explain, but an electrician from an organization such as Bates Electric will answer any questions the customers have. Browse the site to learn about this particular electrician.

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