Electric Vehicles are Affordable and Can Go the Distance in Albuquerque, NM Feb11


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Electric Vehicles are Affordable and Can Go the Distance in Albuquerque, NM

Electric vehicles are the wave of the future, and New Mexico residents need not be left behind. The truth is, electric cars come in all shapes and sizes, from compact cars to family-sized SUVs. In fact, there are nearly twenty different models of electric cars and crossovers on the market today, and all of them are competitively priced with traditional vehicles. What’s more, nearly all of these cars are able to go more than 200 miles on a full battery, while some of the higher-priced models can go as far as 300 miles.

One concern that many people have about electrical vehicles in Albuquerque, NM, is recharging their electric vehicles. The good news is, electrical vehicle charging stations are popping up all over the country, including the parking lots of many big box stores and hotel chains. In fact, Albuquerque has 21 public charging stations with 57 ports dotted around the city. Furthermore, there are more than a dozen communities in the state that also have charging stations. There are also websites and apps to help you find charging stations across the country, freeing you to travel in your electric vehicle. You can even charge your electric car at home using solar.

It’s never been easier to own and travel cross country in an electric vehicle. In fact, you may be able to qualify for a Federal Tax Credit by purchasing an electric vehicle.

If you would like to charge your electrical vehicles in Albuquerque, NM, using solar panels, visit Osceolaenergy.com.

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