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How to Eat Well on a Budget

If you are getting frustrated with trying to eat well on a budget, there are ways you can learn to cook and shop with gourmet flair without breaking the bank. Here are some helpful tips to help you eat well without having to spend over:

*   Read the Flyers: First make sure you read every food flyer every week. Keep an eye out for opportunities to purchase higher end items on sale. You will find you can indulge your refined side with all kinds of specialty items at very reasonable prices. Higher end brands do go on sale and when they do you can stock up, or if your budget does not allow for this, plan a special meal with a single purchase.

*   Invest in a Freezer: Meat prices are out of this world. Even what once were affordable meats such as chicken can be as much as $8 per pound. Invest in a small free standing freezer so you can buy in bulk when the sales appear. There are many items you can freeze including butter and bacon which are also sky high lately. Stock up on freezable items from meat to high end organic frozen veggies and you will be eating in style every night.

*   Free Printable Canadian Coupons: Look online for free printable Canadian coupons and use them religiously. Often coupons can even be used on sale items. Clipping coupons from newspapers and flyers is another great way to save.

*   Visit the LCBO: Your LCBO has sales as well. Browse the sales bins and look for opportunities to buy nice red or white wines to enjoy over dinner as well as to use for cooking and preparing gourmet sauces.

*   Learn About Cuts of Meat: Learning how to use different cuts of meat will allow you to prepare delicious meals on a budget. You can then try classic cooking techniques such as braising to cook delicious meals rich in flavour.

*   Take Advantage of Seasonal Offerings: Produce that is in season tends to be far more affordable. This is because it does not have to be imported. Keep an eye on what is locally grown and when it is in season so you are always eating fresh, locally grown produce. It is healthier and tastes much better when it is in season as well.

*   Join Clubs: Join clubs that allow you to collect points and redeem them for free food as another great way to indulge yourself.

These simple tips will help you eat lovely, healthy meals while still remaining within your budget.

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