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“Mound of a man named Wighelm” is how Wilmslow derived its name. That might sound very weird to some, but the original spelling ‘Wighelmes Hlaw’ kind of makes more sense as to how the derivative came from the Anglo-Saxon language. The area is actually rife with history, and the local Iron Age history uncovered some interesting things, one of which was Lindow Man. Lindow Man was about 2000 or so years old and had been perfectly preserved in peat bogs. It was one of the most vital discoveries found from the Iron Age and shed much light on the era that had not been known of previously. After his discovery, Lindow Man was lent to the British Museum, but in April 2008 was returned to Manchester Museum for an exhibition lasting one year.

Wilmslow lies in the county of Cheshire and is not much different from any other town. In fact it is said to be one of the most sought after places to live within the United Kingdom. There are boutique shops in Wilmslow, Sports shops, cafes in Wilmslow, dentists in Wilmslow and all other facilities that you might expect from town with a population of around 30,000.

The town of Wilmslow is actually a part of the constituency of Tatton, which many people will remember hit the headlines are years back in the ‘cash for questions’ scandal. At that time, Neil Hamilton was the sitting Conservative MP for Tatton, who was caught in the cash for questions sleaze and accusations. That seat is now held by George Osborne, the current Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Historical Interest of the Area

Wilmslow doesn’t have a specifically colourful history as a town because it tends to keep its nose out of other people’s business. It is more that the surrounding areas have made it ‘wanted by association’ so to speak, because of the amount of history in the north of England that has been discovered and is still being discovered each day.

Because of the Roman invasion of the British Isles and then the Saxons and the Normans, the North of England has much historical interest for archeologists and they are constantly finding new things to dig and discover to help us fill in the gaps in our own history.

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