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All about Drywall Repair in Kansas City MO

Drywall has numerous names such as wallboard, gypsum board and sheetrock. It is a special panel made of paper backings and a gypsum core. Companies dealing in drywall repair, Kansas City MO offer this type of wall surfacing service. This wall surfacing technique has replaced the old plastering technique, which is identifiable with older homes. Drywall is lighter, cheaper and easy to install than most other forms of wall surfacing. In addition, it is stronger, pliable unlike plaster and can hold wall hangings such as pictures and pieces of art without the use of hanging devices. The pliability factor ensures that drywall does not crack.

Despite its widespread availability, drywall is still a mystery material to many homeowners. Drywall is widely available in eight to ten inch panels that have a width of ½ inch. For applications such as basements, garages and ceilings, the drywall panels are a bit thicker at 5/8 inches. Just like any other building material, drywall too requires repairs from time to time. The frequency of drywall repair depends on its location. Since drywall consists mainly of paper, any exposure to moisture results in extensive damage. As such, drywall repair, Kansas City MO advises against use of this wall surfacing technique in areas that have high moisture levels such as kitchen areas.

There are specialized boards such as cement boards and green boards, which are able to resist high levels of moisture and humidity. It is important to declare the area of the house where you want to install the drywall material to the drywall repair technician so that he or she has a good idea of the best material for that particular location. In order for drywall to hold, it has to have a firm skeletal structure made of either metal or wood studs. This skeletal structure forms the framework for hanging the selected panels.

Wood studs are the most popular skeletal structure for the installation of drywall panels. It is less expensive and sturdier than other materials. In addition, wood offers better insulation than metals since it does not transfer energy. However, its ease of installation is usually the overriding reason for the popularity of wood studs. A professional drywall installer in Kansas City MO should use only the highest quality wood studs for drywall installation. This ensures that you do not embark on drywall repair soon after installation.

Metal studs especially stainless steel studs have their own unique benefits when compared to wood studs. Metal studs do not rot, warp, age or deteriorate. It is also impenetrable by ants, termites and other pests that afflict wood. Wall repair in Kansas City MO is capable of carrying out repairs on a variety of drywall finishes such as unfinished sheetrock, smooth drywall and textured finishes.

Drywall repair service in Kansas City MO will carry out repairs on all manner of drywall surfaces including specialty finishes. Visit the website kcpaintingpro.com for more information.

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