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Don’t Talk To The Police Without A Criminal Lawyer Towson

When it comes to a criminal investigation, there are a lot of things that you can do that will make your situation worse. One of the worst assumptions that you can possibly make is that efforts to protect your rights and to defend yourself will only serve as proof that you must have something to hide. Whether you have actually committed a crime or not, you should contact a Criminal Attorney Towson for help as soon as you have any need to talk to the police about a possible criminal matter.

The success of an investigation can often hinge on the fact that people do not understand and assert their rights. Police officers often find illegal items like drugs, for example, while doing searches that were authorized by the owners of the property. If the property owner had simply understood that he or she had a right to say no and to tell the office to go away unless there was a warrant, there would be no evidence to use. It is a good idea to act as if there is probably something on your property, even if there is not. You can never be absolutely certain that no one else has hidden something there. You should also never feel too secure in the idea that no one would ever frame you by trying to claim they found something on your property.

Having a Criminal Lawyer Towson by your side can help to keep you from making serious mistakes during questioning. It is very easy to become confused during an interrogation. These encounters can last for many hours. It is well documented that even innocent people will often eventually confess if they are left alone with a persistent officer for a long enough period of time. You need a lawyer on your side to not only make sure that you protect your rights, but also to make sure that you are not tricked into admitting to doing something that you did not.

Most police officers are genuinely working hard and trying to protect the public. A big part of their job, though, is to search for people who have been committing crimes, and this makes them tend to focus on signs of guilt rather than innocence. You will be much better off if you have a lawyer who can help you to make sure that you are making the right choices.