Don’t Neglect Brick Pointing in Wilmington, DE

Older masonry buildings may develop problems with the cement grouting between bricks. The material weakens with age and weather conditions over the years. Brick pointing in Wilmington, DE is the art of cleaning out damaged material between bricks and replacing it with new material that matches the old. This is done to avoid the wall or facade weakening and bricks falling out. It also prevents water from infiltrating the walls and further weakening the facade. Buildings that need this repair often need other building restoration services.

When a Building Needs Repair, Hire Experts

When a building has a masonry or stone facade, hire the masonry experts to repair and maintain it. Masonry experts will use the correct materials to restore masonry work. Their repairs will be stronger and last longer. An expert will make sure the repairs match the old materials for a more attractive result. A poor repair will not last and may allow damage to keep happening. It is cheaper, in the long run, to have the repairs done correctly the first time.

A full-service masonry restoration contractor has the trained and experienced professional technicians and the proper materials to do a better job restoring buildings. No one wants their historic building to look patched and repaired. They want the building to look like it has always been in the good condition a restoration puts it in. The best restoration companies do their research to find out what materials were originally used and what new materials can be found to work with and match them.

The Best Renovation Practices

The best renovation practices cost a little more but result in a better, longer-lasting result. Why is that wall cracking? Better find and correct the real cause rather than just fill the crack. A crack might be a warning sign that the underlying foundation needs leveling or strengthening. When there are missing bricks or stones, the product should be found that closely matches the original material. When cement trim is repaired, the design and the type of edge or decorative features should be matched.

When brickwork needs brick pointing in Wilmington, DE, the pointing material should match the old material in color and texture. It should be applied in the same fashion so all the pointing matches. Contact Mara Restoration for more information.

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