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Donations For The Homeless In Birmingham Can Include Money And Time

When most people hear the term contribution, they immediately think of having to give away a lot of money to help this cause or that. While giving financially can be a significant help to many nonprofit organizations, it’s not the only way to help. Donations for the homeless in Birmingham can be about donating your time or items you already have.


By far, money is the easiest donation for most people to give, because as long as you have enough, you can willingly give some away without it taking too much of your time or much effort on your part.

There are usually many ways to donate money, including going online to the website, sending it in by regular mail, calling or even having it taken out of your paycheck. While most people love shopping online and donating that way, as well, most people still prefer to talk to someone or send it through the mail.

However, newer options are available including payroll deduction and corporate matching. Get your whole company in on donating and doing something for someone else by matching what your employees give.


For those that don’t have the money, you can consider donating your time to the homeless in Birmingham through volunteering. Of course, every nonprofit organization is different and may require different help, but you have many opportunities to help others. You can spend time in the office, writing schedules, planning events or writing blogs to pique interest. You may also decide to help by serving food at shelters, offer childcare or even tutor others.


If you can’t donate time or money, you may be able to give items that you have purchased and don’t need. Many times, shelters are in need of clean bedding, bath towels, clothing, shoes and other items. You can always bring the items directly to the shelter or call to find out where to drop off the items.

You can also donate toiletries, such as shampoo, toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, deodorant and much more. If children frequent those areas, you can bring in toys, craft items, ponytail holders, diapers, baby food and more.

Other items can include non-perishable food, some perishable foods, winter hats or coats. You can even make things yourself if you’re crafty, such as crocheted or knitted items.

Donations for the homeless in Birmingham are used to help those less fortunate. If you would like to learn more about how you can help, please visit The Jimmie Hale Mission today.

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