Do you Trust Sanitizing Wipes More than Soap and Water?

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Health Care

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Many people are familiar with different kinds of sanitizers. The most common ones are the hand sanitizes in bottles or the simple wipes that people walk around with in their bags. In most commercial buildings, you are likely to find sanitizing wipes dispensers mounted in the washrooms. But are these forms of different sanitizers more effective than the usual soap and water? What has made them rise in popularity against than the traditional practice of simply washing hands using soap and water?

Though the debate between the effectiveness of the sanitizing wipes and soap and water can be a long and winding one, there are obvious advantages that people get by using the wipes are opposed to using soap and water. The first advantage is the fact that they are portable. It is much easier to walk with the sanitizing wipes or a bottle of sanitizer. Not very many people can welcome the idea of walking around with a bottle of water for washing your hands when you need to.

Secondly, the sanitizing wipes are very convenient in that they are easily disposable. Though it is not encouraged that they be flushed down in the toilet, they can be easily disposed in a waste basket and they do not have an unpleasant smell that can irritate people nearby. In fact, a number of them have been made with nice fragrances that will be pleasant to the nose for those who manage to get the scent.

The effectiveness of the sanitizing wipes in killing germs is another thing to be admired. The sanitizing wipes, including those from a sanitizing wipe dispenser, are claimed by the manufacturers to kill 99.99% of bacteria. The wipes are also used by one person only and are then disposed of. But soap may not kill as high a percentage of bacteria. Besides, it is very easy to get germs from the very soaps because they are handled by more than one person.

This should not discredit the use of soaps in washing hands and killing germs. There are places where the sanitizing wipes will be suitable and in other places, the old soap and water will be best preferred. For instance, it will be more efficient and economical to use soap and water at a wedding reception than to avail sanitizing swipes for every attendee in the wedding. The major attraction of the sanitizing swipes is their efficiency and portability, but soap and water are also suitable for washing hands. To get more about sanitizing wipes visit the website today!


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