What Does A Divorce Lawyer Do?

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Family Law Attorney

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A divorce lawyer is a legal professional who focuses on the legal issues that pertain to the dissolution of a marriage including divorce and annulment. In most cases divorce lawyers are those who practice family law which encompasses such issues as child adoption, prenuptial agreements, child custody, etc. Couples that have decided to seek a legally binding separation are encouraged to seek the assistance of a divorce lawyer in Boise as they are fully aware of all the laws and the process so that their client’s rights are fully protected and if possible, promote an amicable settlement.

The first task that a typical divorce lawyer in Boise is asked to do is draft the divorce papers upon the request of the client that should first approach them. There are many cases where the couple is mutually agreeable to the divorce and they will both approach the lawyer and ask him or her for legal assistance. Although this does happen, in most cases a divorce is contentious and each party will have their own lawyer. Either party can institute divorce proceedings, the petition will be served on the other party once it has been completed and signed by the party requesting the divorce.

When a couple seeks a divorce they will invariably have property which is considered as mutual property as it was acquired during the term of the marriage. The divorce lawyer will attempt to moderate a settlement which includes the equitable division of the marital assets. If there are children then child custody and child support are extremely delicate but important issues that must be faced. If the couple had a prenuptial or post nuptial agreement it is the lawyer’s responsibility to see that these agreements are enforced. There are many issues that come to the fore during a divorce, the couple may have put aside frozen embryos from a fertility treatment for example; a decision must be made as to what happens to these embryos.

In most cases the divorce can be done between the parties and their respective divorce lawyers but there are cases where agreements cannot be settled and the divorce lawyer in Boise will represent the client in court where issues such as child custody are decided by a judge.

Many couples today that are about to enter into a marriage will have the lawyer draw up a prenuptial agreement so that in the event the marriage fails in the future, a great deal of the groundwork for an amicable divorce has already taken place.

If your marriage has reached the point where going your own way is the only logical solution then you will need a divorce lawyer in Boise. You are invited to contact Finch O’Neil Law Office, P.A.

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