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Diverse Services from a Commercial Locksmith in Chicago

Business owners, large facilities, and property managers require a diverse range of products and services from a commercial locksmith in Chicago. Entrance locks, security locks, and locking systems for filing cabinets are the most common services needed, but that is only the beginning.

Interior Locking Systems

Depending on the size and nature of the business, many different locking systems may have to be installed. Restricted areas can be kept secure with authorized key cards, number codes, fingerprints, eye scans, and even voice recognition. These types of systems are ideal for weapons storage, research facilities, medication rooms in assisted living settings, control rooms, and high voltage areas, among others.

Panic bars, electric strikes, electronic door releases, and exit alarm locks are specialty locks. These are used for emergency evacuations, fires, lockdowns, alerting staff that a patient has left the building, or alerting security personnel that a potential thief has existed via the back or side doors.

Beyond Locks

A commercial locksmith in Chicago offers more than simply locks and keys. Installation of enhanced security systems, such as hidden or surveillance cameras, monitors, and communication devices on a specific frequency, is also completed by locksmiths. Double-hinged doors for hands-free movement in a warehouse, storeroom, or building wing are convenient and increase safety and productivity.

A locksmith is also helpful in correcting any building code violations regarding fire doors, safety, and accessibility. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also has regulations for access, locks, and safety. An experienced company will be knowledgeable about local, state, and ADA codes and regulations.

Emergency Services

Emergency services are also available twenty-four hours a day by most locksmiths. Before setting up a commercial account or contract with a locksmith, be sure to compare pricing. Some companies charge much higher rates for emergency services, while others keep costs for after-hours services at affordable rates.

Automobile locksmith services are offered as well. This is perfect for businesses with company cars, delivery trucks, or entire transportation fleets. Explore the plethora of services that can be provided by experienced locksmiths by checking out website. There are also coupons and details on special offers on the website.