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Dispelling a Few of the Most Common Myths About botox in Meridian, ID

Celebrities have been using botox and other injectables to keep themselves looking young and beautiful for many years and, in the past few decades, the trend has been embraced by average men and women who just want to look their best. Unfortunately, despite their ever-increasing popularity, botox injections are still surrounded by negative stereotypes. Read on to find explanations for a few of the most common myths about botox in Meridian ID to get the real scoop.

They’re Painful

Getting botox injections is surprisingly painless. Before botox is injected, a topical anesthetic is applied. This anesthetic allows most patients to get their botox injections without feeling anything more than just a slight pinch.

botox Leaves People’s Faces Frozen

This myth may have originally had its basis in fact since botox injections could if improperly applied, lead to a similar effect. When Botox in Meridian ID is applied correctly, though, it will affect only those muscles being targeted and will not prevent the patient from undergoing the procedure from displaying a full range of facial expressions.

Wrinkles Will Get Worse After botox

botox is not a permanent solution. Instead, it needs to be applied periodically if patients want to appreciate long-term results. It may feel as if wrinkles get worse when patients stop their botox injections but, in reality, they’ll just return to the state they were in before the treatments.

botox is Toxic

botox has been used safely for decades and has been approved by the FDA for many uses beyond just wrinkle reduction. It is also used for many medical purposes such as reducing migraines, treating hyperhidrosis, and addressing back, neck, and TMJ conditions. The only truth there is to the idea that botox is toxic lies in the fact that anything can be considered toxic in large amounts since the amount of botox that would be required to harm anyone would be over 100 times more than any patient ever receives.

Learn More Today

Now that a few of the most common myths about botox have been disproved, patients can get started finding a doctor’s office or medical spa that can help. Visit us online to get started today.

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