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Discover the Root of Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction with Qualified Experts

When people suffer from a dependency on drugs or alcohol, they often have underlying problems that contribute to their use. One of the key factors that play a role in a person turning to alcohol or drugs is mental disorders. Individuals suffer from various mental health problems such as schizophrenia, depression, or panic attacks that lead them to treat their condition with drugs or alcohol. To help a person struggling with their addiction, it is important to find Los Angeles drug rehab centers that offer dual-diagnosis. When a rehab gets to the source of their addiction, they can treat both conditions to help improve their success rate at recovering.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

In the past, rehabs used to treat mental disorders and addiction as two different problems their patients were suffering from. Today, Los Angeles drug rehab centers treat both issues at the same time to help their patients overcome their addiction. While assisting them in detoxing from their chemical dependency, qualified medical professionals determine the type of mental disorder the person is suffering from. They find the methods required to treat their disorder to help prevent them from relapsing once they have completed their treatment. From medication to counseling, the medical team understands that everyone responds differently to each treatment and will work with their patient to discover the ones that fit their specific needs.

Recovery Does Not Stop at the Rehab Center

For a patient to be successful in the recovery and to prevent them from returning to drugs and alcohol. It is important that they learn the life skills to help them cope with the problems that trigger their use. Dual Diagnosis Help works with each patient to discover the root of their problem and treat their client’s whole medical condition. They do not just treat their addiction; their skilled staff knows treating their addiction and mental disorder goes hand in hand.