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Discover an Assisted Living Nurse in Minneapolis Consultation Service

Are you intrigued by working with a health service authorized by the American Heart Association Training Center that offers a range of health education classes throughout the Twin Cities metro area, provides nursing consultation services, and is women-owned and operated? An organization that has partnered with human service organizations to administer the health care experience necessary to aid their clients with intellectual disabilities, mental illness, or brain injury for over 40 years.

Training, Support, and Experience

Here, instructors and nurses are authorities in training and supporting unlicensed staff in medication administration training, CPR, and first aid, including mental health first crisis, dementia, and tardive dyskinesia monitoring training.

Health Consultation Services in the Twin Cities Area

Imagine working with dedicated and committed health consultation service specialists in preparing, training, and supporting unlicensed staff in residential and day program settings so that experienced registered nurses can provide the best care to individuals in Minnesota and the Twin Cities area, serving clients in over 230 locations.


Every provider organization receives the assistance of a competent professional nurse consultant, supported in the challenge and the opportunity to make a long-term commitment to both organization and individuals receiving care.

Assisted Living Nurse in Minneapolis

Experience a highly respected training department that provides a wide assortment of courses devised to meet the health care training demands of direct care staff and supervisors and provides LPN supervision services to the organization’s employed LPN(s).

To learn more about the assisted living nurse in Minneapolis, please call 612-345-8522 today!