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Developing New Mobile Applications for the Future

With new innovations emerging every day in the mobile application industry creates more room for creative new ways to explore various mobile platforms. The developers must first develop and support the mobile applications on various different devices as well as platforms. From enterprise mobile app development to native and hybrid applications, the possibilities become endless. Traditionally we developers can choose from three different approaches to applications with their own pros and cons. These three approaches are native applications, mobile web applications, and hybrid applications.

Native Applications

A native application is one that is built and installed for one specific type of platform such as Android or iOS. When developers create such as platform as this they create it by using a kit for software development specific to that particular platform. IPhones and Androids have two different operating systems which means applications must be designed to work for that particular device.

Mobile Web Applications

Unlike native programs, cellular internet programs will not be installed on the specific device; instead, they can be viewed via the means of a Web browser. These are server-side programs that render HTML, generally fixing the layout with respect to the kind of device making the request. There are not any software coding restraints for writing server-side programs and they may be written in Java, C, PHP, etc.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications combine a number of different technologies such as native and mobile web applications to use the best qualities of each of them. Hybrid apps tend is typically based on HTML5 but the user interface is used as a native container. This allows users to use their GPS, camera, and other device services and gives them more flexibility when it comes to how they use the application.

Which one is the best?

It is hard to say which one of these is best because it will mostly depend on what type of application that you want to develop. If you are responsible for create applications for the iOs system, you may use native applications or mobile web applications. Whether you work in enterprise mobile web development or something less complicated, as a developer you can use any of these applications or a combination of all of them. Taking the time to study all of the different types of applications will help you to be a more experience web developer.

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