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Details About Laser Cataract Surgery In Oahu

In Hawaii, patients seek assistance from a surgeon when a cataract forms on an eye’s lens. The milky developments impair the vision and could block the eye lens completely. Patients are advised to seek surgical correction to eliminate the cataract and restore their vision. A local surgeon offers Laser Cataract Surgery in Oahu.

What to Do Before the Surgery

All patients are advised to stop taking all blood-thinning medications before the surgery. The surgeons require a consultation at least a few days before the procedure. Any adverse reactions to anesthesia should be reported to the surgeon. Any additional preliminary requirements are discussed during the consultation.

What to Expect During the Procedure

The surgeon uses a laser to create an opening in the lens. The cataract is removed from the eye lens. An artificial lens is placed over the eye to protect it, and the lens attaches to the eye during the healing process. Patients are sedated during the procedure for maximum comfort.

After laser surgery, the patient won’t experience cornea swelling. However, some swelling around the eye is possible. The patient’s vision isn’t perfect immediately following the procedure, and surgeons require the patients to get a ride home. Any excessive bleeding, bruising, or pain should be reported to the surgeon immediately. Signs of infection require immediate treatment with antibiotics.

Why is Cataract Surgery Beneficial?

The procedure provides a fast restoration of the patient’s vision. Cataracts don’t go away on their own and could lead to serious vision impairment if not treated. However, the procedure doesn’t guarantee that a new cataract won’t grow over the new lens. Patients with a family history of cataracts must undergo careful eye examinations to determine if a new cataract is forming.

In Hawaii, cataracts develop as a part of the aging process. However, patients who have a family history of cataracts are at a greater risk of developing the cloudy film on their eyes. Cataracts lead to blurred vision, or they could prevent the patient from seeking at all. Patients who want to schedule Laser Cataract Surgery in Oahu can contact Hawaii Vision Clinic for an appointment or review the provider’s Facebook for more information.

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