Designing the Interior of Your Home to Feel Like You’re Above the Coastline Oct15


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Designing the Interior of Your Home to Feel Like You’re Above the Coastline

Bring the sights of the coast into your home by using lighthouse design ideas. From blue walls and images of lighthouses that you’ve seen to small lighthouses on tables in your home, there are numerous ways that you can create a design that makes you feel like you’re standing high above the ocean any day of the year. Keep in mind that you can easily make your own designs if you’re unable to find lighthouses for sale.

Charming Staircases

If you live in a multi-story home, then consider painting the staircase black and white so that it looks like it’s inside a lighthouse. One of the pieces of lighthouse decor in Virginia that you could purchase is a chandelier that looks like a light that is inside the structure.


Use your imagination to create additional storage in your home with a metal lighthouse stand. The stand can be as tall or as short as you want it to be if you design it yourself with various pieces of metal that are attached together. Once the stand is put together, you can place pictures or trinkets on each tier as well as lights around the edges so that it illuminates as a lighthouse does at night.


An easy way to decorate your home with lighthouse decor Virginia stores sell is to get several murals that showcase some of the popular lighthouses across the country or those that you’ve visited in the past. A small mural can be placed in your bathroom behind a white basin sink that sits on a white counter top. If you have a staircase in your home, then consider placing a mural behind the stairs so that you view the details of the image each time you climb the steps to another level. Try to find a mural with colors that match the staircase so that it blends together.

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