Curtains and drapes for the dining room

by | May 14, 2014 | Wallpaper Store

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The focus on any dining room tends to be the hard furnishings; the table, chairs, side board and lighting. Although curtains are not totally neglected, they often do not get the attention that they should. With some thought, a nice dining room can become a great dining room when the proper curtain fabric and style are taken into account.

A dining room is usually overwhelmed with hard surfaces; this is why adding the softness of curtain fabric is a design necessity. When you think about choosing drapes or curtains for the dining room consider the style of the room first. Many people prefer drapes that puddle on the floor, others prefer drapes which are hemmed just above the surface of the floor as it gives the room a more tailored look. Regardless of the length, the objective is to use fabric to soften the room rather than add additional hard surfaces such as blinds or shutters.

Choose the fabric and design:

One of the most popular looks in a dining room is to pull everything together with matching curtain fabric and chair coverings and in many cases, the table cloth. Many people think this is a little old fashioned and staid and perhaps in other rooms will not work but in a dining room, this matching approach works wonderfully. However, it must be said that this is not a given; a dining room can look equally attractive with a color pulled from a piece of art that is displayed in the room or the curtains can carry a design and the chair covers can be plain, picking up a color from the drapes. What is important though is that all the colors harmonize with one another.

The type of curtain fabric that you select all depends on the ambiance of the room and the look you are striving to achieve. Rich velvets are ideal for a formal setting whereas cottons and linen are great when the objective is to have a light, airy room.

If you have the curtains custom made there is never any problems with the size, this may not be the case if they are purchased pre-made. Many homeowners find that buying pre-made drapes the next standard length and them hemming them to suit allows the drapes to hand perfectly without having to adjust the location of the rod.

If you are looking to define a space then selecting the right curtain fabric is a must. You are invited to visit Wolf Gordon for a wide selection of drapery and curtain fabrics.

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