Cufflinks for Sale: The History of Cufflinks

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Gifts

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Many people look at cufflinks for sale and never give a thought to where the little pieces of jewelry come from. While you don’t see very many men wearing cuff links anymore, at one time shirts didn’t come with buttons and were held together by ribbon or string. Once buttons became available to hold the shirts together, many people still adorned the sleeves of their shirts with small knots or chains that were attached to buttons. Not only did these serve to hold together the sleeves of the shirt, but they also made the shirts look classier.  The chains and button quickly gained popularity and brought about what is known as the modern cufflinks for sale that you see today.

The first written proof of cuff links came in 1788, they grew in popularity after the Industrial Revolution of the 1840’s made it possible for mass productions of cuff links to be made. Soon men’s cufflinks for sale sprang up everywhere and every man that was fashionable had them.

The function of cufflinks is actually pretty simple, they work by passing through the openings in shirts at the wrist. There are many types of cuff links out there to choose from, from elegant to sporty, and every color imaginable.

In the year 2000, cuff links saw a rise in popularity once again. You can buy cuff links online and in many stores around the world. You can buy them in different colors, different styles and even with your favorite sports teams on them today.

Cuff links can be just big enough to hold your shirt sleeve together or as large and flamboyant as you want them to be. There is no end to the types of cuff links, or the sizes that you can get in today’s modern world.

You do need to realize that cufflinks will only work with shirts that have French cuffs, you cannot simply replace a button on a standard shirt with a cuff link and expect it to fit. Cuff links are gaining popularity once again as everything from best man’s gifts to gifts for that special man in your life as well.

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