Crooked or Stained Teeth? A South Charlotte Dentist Can Improve Their Appearance Aug20


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Crooked or Stained Teeth? A South Charlotte Dentist Can Improve Their Appearance

It’s comforting when a patient can use the same South Charlotte Dentist for many different procedures. For some patients, their only exposure to the Dentist comes every six months when they have their teeth cleaned. This can go on for years. However, if a dental emergency or more complex dental procedure is needed, they have the security of knowing the same dental team can care for them. It is far less stressful to be treated in familiar surroundings than having to go to an unknown specialist. The Berg Dental Group can provide patients with many services including periodontal treatments, dental implants, tooth extractions and even Invisalign teeth straightening.

Some adults never had the chance to have their teeth straightened as children. Now that they are adults, they’ve decided that they want a better smile. However, they aren’t comfortable wearing traditional metal brackets and wires on their teeth. The thought of getting food stuck in them at a business lunch terrifies them. The South Charlotte Dentist can fit them with Invisalign transparent aligners. Then each week the patient receives a new aligner. The teeth are gently nudged into place. When the aligners are worn, they are invisible. The person will be able to make business presentations with them comfortably in place. They have to be worn all day except to eat and clean the teeth.

Once their teeth are straightened, the patient may want to further brighten them with a teeth whitening treatment. A single 90-minute session can whiten teeth up to eight shades. Some patients are afraid that the chemicals used to bleach teeth will harm their enamel. Many treatments have substances in them that will harden the enamel. Less porous enamel means that teeth will also be less sensitive and resist stains more easily. When the person arrives to have their teeth whitened, the first step is to thoroughly clean their teeth. That allows the bleaching chemicals to sit on the tooth better. Some dentists even use lasers to help the chemicals break up the stains. When patients see their before an after pictures, they are often shocked at how yellow their teeth have become. A brighter smile makes everyone look better.

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