Creative Ways to Liven up Your Decor Apr22


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Creative Ways to Liven up Your Decor

If you’re someone who enjoys hosting and throwing parties, it’s always nice to have a home that looks beautiful. When you maintain a beautiful home, it’s a lot easier to enjoy company when they arrive. It’s always great to add the ‘wow’ factor to your home from time to time. This is why it’s great to switch up the look of your decor. Consider the following creative ways you can liven up the look of your home.

  1. Paint the interior doors.
    Most interior doors are the standard shade of white. While this isn’t bad, it can be boring. Unless you’ve installed gorgeous wood panel doors, it’s a great idea to customize all of your interior doors. You can paint them an interesting color that stands out from the wall beside it. If your walls are a cream color, you can opt to paint the doors a complementary shade of green or pink. A pop of color is always fun. It’s also great to switch out the doorknobs for a whimsical look.
  2. Add a vertical garden.
    A vertical garden is such an unexpected element that adds greenery to the home in a stunning way. You can cultivate a green thumb so that you can maintain a stunning garden. You can place the vertical garden in a major hallway near the entrance. You can also place the garden in one of the most visited rooms.

As you develop the concept for infusing creativity into your home, remember that the sky is truly the limit. Have fun with your ideas. Visit websites like Pinterest to get some ideas. You can even opt to visit social media pages that share a lot of home decor trends. As you build a look that works for you, remember to customize it. If you’re choosing to install wood panel doors, that’s a unique look on its own. Reach out to the professionals at Timber Valley Millwork as they can help you create a look that suits your decor.

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