Creating Memorable Monuments With Sand Blasting in Connecticut Nov29


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Creating Memorable Monuments With Sand Blasting in Connecticut

Sand blasting in Connecticut is a process that can be used to create some rather inspiring monuments. While some people are perfectly fine with monuments that are basic, others seem to want to have more unique monuments in place. In some cases, the deceased had plans in place for their monument. Other times, friends or family come up with ideas.

Understanding The Process

Sand blasting in Connecticut involves some steps. Sandblasting starts by eliminating the shiny part of the granite so the unpolished state is presented. There is specialized software used by a graphic artist to help with the sandblasting process. It’s important to understand that, as a rule, only uncomplicated designs can be sandblasted. It’s also perfectly fine to work with lettering when sandblasting granite. Complicated designs and photographs can’t be completed via sandblasting.

More On The Process

When the design for the monument is finally done, there will need to be a stencil made. This stencil will be made out of rubber. A special blade is then used to cut the stencils out by hand. The designer will then place stencil filler to the section of granite that will be worked on by the sandblaster. After the filler is done, the stencil will be laid out on it. The granite can then be taken to the sandblaster to be completed.

Choosing A Design

Choosing what to have sandblasted on a monument isn’t always easy. There are photos of design ideas that monument providers can show to people. Other individuals turn to the Internet to find ideas for monuments. One way that a person can make a headstone unique is to use sandblasting for design while making the shape of the headstone a more non-traditional one. Browse our website to find out more about the different monuments that can be purchased.

Monuments can be created with different methods. Sandblasting is one such method. It’s effective and doesn’t cost a lot of money to get done. That’s one reason why sandblasting is a technique that is used by monument providers across the globe to provide all types of monument designs.

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