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Creating Centerpieces With Charger Plates

Charger plates are traditionally used under place settings in formal dining settings. They are also used at weddings and other special events to make the play settings look more formal and more elegant. Charger plates are typically slightly larger than a standard dinner plate, but they can also be decorative and have texture and design elements that really make them pop off the table.

Charger plates are not designed to serve food. However, they are a great inspiration for charger plate centerpiece ideas. Using a charge plate that matches the charger plates used at the place setting for the guests is a simple way to tie in the centerpiece on the table in a subtle way.

Choose the Plate

The first step in developing charger plate centerpiece ideas is to choose the charger plate color and style. This can range from metallic colors of silver, gold, and copper, or it can include vibrant or soft colors with or without textured or designed surfaces.

Once you have the plate, look for charger plate centerpiece ideas that match the style. Adding pillar candles of different heights in groups of three is always popular, as is one larger candle in the center of the plate. Use design elements that match the theme of the event to build around the candle or candles.

Greenery, flowers, rocks, crystals, sea shells, or any other type of non-flammable materials can be used to fill in the area of the plate around the candles. You can also use colored sand or marbles as a design element to create unique looks on each table.

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