What Creates the Need for Crack Sealing in Sun Prairie, WI?

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Business

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Everyone loves driving on new asphalt. The surface is smooth and it looks nice and even. But it doesn’t take much time before cracks start appearing on the surface. To preserve the asphalt parking lot, road, or driveway, it’s important to schedule Crack Sealing in Sun Prairie WI. This can help not only the look of the area but also prevent larger issues from occurring in the future.

Freezing Temperatures

When snow falls, it tends to coat every surface. As soon as temperatures warm up, even slightly, some of the snow starts to melt. The water can penetrate the surface of the asphalt through some of the smallest spaces. When temperatures start to drop, the water freezes again, creating cracks. Locations that use salt to deal with the issue of snow and melting may be increasing their need for crack sealing in Sun Prairie WI.

Tree Roots

Trees are a great way to add to the look of a yard or parking lot. They tend to infuse the area with some additional brightness and life. But, as trees grow, their roots begin to stretch out. If they are near the asphalt, there is a chance the roots can create damage, leaving behind cracks. While crack sealing may address the symptom, it won’t address the larger issues. Sometimes, the tree will need to be removed to protect the surface. If possible, locations should consider putting down a root barrier to protect the asphalt.

Excessive Weight

Parking lots and driveways see lots of traffic. There are cars constantly traveling over the surface. While this creates some wear and tear, it doesn’t do as much damage as larger trucks. Sometimes, these cracks are really small and property owners don’t pay much attention to them. But, when winter comes, these are openings for the melting snow to penetrate and freeze.

As asphalt driveway or parking lot is a great investment. But, it needs to be taken care of to prevent excessive damage. Sealing cracks is a great way to preserve both the look and the feel of these spaces. Contact Tri-County Paving Inc. to get an estimate for crack sealing in your area.

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