Costs to Factor in When Planning for Moving Truck Rental in Red Lion, PA

When planning on truck rental in Red Lion, PA for moving without professional help, the people planning to move must consider all the costs when they decide between various companies. There are flat rates, flat rates plus mileage, rates that only include mileage, and other possibilities. In some instances, discounts may be available.

Mileage Charges and Truck Return

If the customers are moving any significant distance from their current residence, mileage rates with the truck rental in Red Lion, PA can be an important factor. Companies offering a very low rate per mile are the best options in this situation, depending on what the added flat rate would be. In contrast, with a local move, mileage may not be important at all. Also, a local move in which the truck is returned to the pickup location may have a lower flat rate.

Fuel for the Vehicle

There are additional costs that must be considered too. Gas is the primary one if the customers plan to move regionally instead of within the same town or metro area. A moving truck gets substantially lower fuel economy than most passenger vehicles do, and the company expects the tank to be full when the truck is returned to a rental center.

The Total Cost

Often, the additional costs effectively double the amount of money needed to make a move. That’s not a problem as long as customers understand this before signing on the dotted line and paying the deposit or flat rate required.

Other Features for Customers

A person planning to move some things into storage may want to get the moving truck from the storage facility for the sake of convenience. A Better Rate Storage is an example of a business offering both storage units and moving truck rental. Customers also can learn whether the company provides packing supplies and what the cost is. This is helpful in the interest of saving time, but collecting cardboard boxes from stores is easy for many people. It’s standard for moving truck rentals to include equipment like blankets for padding and dollies for loading and unloading large, heavy objects.

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