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Contractors Need Sturdy and Reliable Commercial Dumpsters in St. Paul MN

If you are a Twin City contractor, then you know that you need a reliable commercial dumpster before you start the next remodeling project. Still, it is reasonable to be a little confused about what size dumpster will meet your needs the best. It is common for contractors to underestimate the amount of debris that they will have from a remodeling project, and making extra trips to the landfill can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, get the right size commercial dumpster rental in S.t Paul, MN, and Minneapolis, MN, to begin with, and save yourself the headache. If you are getting paid to remodel a half-bath, then a 10-yard dumpster may be all that you need.

This is particularly true if the room measures less than 5 feet-by-5 feet. If you are remodeling a kitchen and keeping the appliances, then you probably need a 20-yard dumpster. For most kitchen remodeling projects, however, you will need a 30-or-40-yard dumpster. Almost all other remodeling projects will need a 40-yard dumpster.

While many contractors consider the size of the items to be disposed of, you also need to think about how much they will weigh because dumpsters have weight limits. Ten-yard dumpsters can hold up to 3 tons while 20-yard dumpsters can accommodate debris weighing 3.5 tons. Most 30 yard commercial dumpster rentals in St. Pau,l MN, can accommodate debris weighing up to 5 tons while 40-yard dumpsters can hold debris weighing up to 8 tons.

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