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Considering Milgard Aluminum Windows – Read This First

Aluminum windows have been a mainstay in the window replacement business for a long time. Even as the industry develops new frame materials, homeowners throughout San Diego opt to replace their old windows with Milgard Aluminum Windows. Aluminum windows have several benefits which keep them at the top of some residents’ minds for replacements. Many people like the slim design of aluminum windows, others want to replace the windows they have with like windows for esthetics and comfort, while some like the durability of a metal window with it’s low maintenance. Whatever your reason for looking into new aluminum windows, we created a list of things you should know before upgrading your windows with Milgard Aluminum Windows San Diego.

Uses for Milgard Aluminum Windows

The greatest use of aluminum windows is in commercial settings; however, some homeowners like aluminum windows for their thin frames and durability. Milgard aluminum window frames tend to take up less room than a vinyl frame (another popular frame choice). Vinyl windows are built with thick and full frames for energy efficiency. Thicker frames take up more of the window opening which cuts the total size of the glass down. While a small reduction in glass size may not seem like much when they are installed, many people worry that they will miss that small aspect of the extended view. Using an aluminum frame ensures a slim profile which allows the largest glass for the window opening. However, there are alternatives including Milgard’s Style Line Windows which are vinyl frames but with a slim profile like their aluminum windows.

Milgard Aluminum Windows and Energy Efficiency Requirements

Due to the materials in the window and smaller frame size, aluminum windows are not as energy efficient as some other frame materials. Metal frames allow for energy (cold and heat in this case) to pass through the structure more than other materials. For this reason, aluminum windows can be a challenge if you are doing new construction (i.e., tearing out the old frame entirely instead of reusing the frame as in a retrofit window). If the window doesn’t meet California’s Title 24 requirements for energy efficiency, then you must consider upgrading the frame material. Milgard makes a variety of window frame materials but if you must have the aluminum window then consider the Thermally Improved Milgard Aluminum Window which contains a thermal break to help increase the insulating factors of the window.

The Cost and Hazards of Aluminum Windows

While Milgard aluminum windows may not be the most expensive line of windows created, the price to install can be higher than a traditional vinyl window. Aluminum windows are more dangerous to install than a vinyl window due to their sharper edges. They require additional time to install correctly to specifications since the installers need to be more careful with the frame. The window installation costs can be higher due to the extra time and labor involved. Aluminum doors are even more labor intensive as they often require assembly by the installer. Additionally, due to the frame material, aluminum windows can be more dangerous for the homeowner. The material is more likely to cut someone during operation or while cleaning, if they are doing anything slightly out of the ordinary function of the window or if the frame is damaged or bent in any way.

Milgard Aluminum Windows and Salt Water Corrosion

Aluminum windows have one final caveat to their use. They are not recommended for use in homes that are near sea./salt water. While they are water resistant, the salt in that type of water can corrode the frame much quicker than other materials used to build windows. That is also an important consideration for homeowners when choosing hardware for windows and doors. Metal materials are more likely to corrode in homes around salt water.

Weighing Your Milgard Aluminum Window Options

Unsure which Milgard window products are best suited for your home and location? Reach out to a San Diego local Milgard Window & Door Dealer for more information and to get a quote. Most businesses offer free estimates and will give you the information you need to make the right decision for your home and family. Those quotes will be the best way to get Milgard Aluminum Windows San Diego.