Are You Considering A Facelift In Naperville, IL?

by | May 7, 2014 | Surgeons and Clinics

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As people age their skin naturally undergoes several changes. This often includes the skin losing elasticity and beginning to sag across the jaw, cheeks, eyes and the neck. Wrinkles can appear on the forehead and the brows may sit lower over the eyes. While this is natural, having a facelift in Naperville, IL can reverse this change and restore your face to a much more youthful appearance.

Your Options

It is important to book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon for your facelift in Naperville, IL to discuss the options that you have. For some people, especially if the changes are minimal or if the issue is mostly the development of jowls or a double chin, a mini facelift may be all that is required.

A midface lift will help restore a more youthful look to the mid and lower parts of the face. This includes the lower cheek area as well as the lower eyes. It will also address any sagging of the skin in the lower part of the face.

Your cosmetic surgeon may also be able to provide you with other options to consider based on your desired results. This could include eyelid reshaping surgery or a brow lift to enhance your eyes and complete your new, youthful look.

The Procedure

As a facelift in Naperville, IL is a surgical procedure, although the incisions are minimal in the mini facelift, it is important to consider all aspects of the procedure. Typically most people that are considering the full facelift will require about 2 to 3 hours of surgery while the mini facelift is slightly shorter in duration.

After the facelift there will be some swelling and bruising and surgical dressings will be required to protect the site of the incision. For a mini facelift patients usually can return to their normal activities within a week while the full facelift will require about two weeks of recovery time before going back to work.

Getting a facelift in Naperville, IL will involve trips to the cosmetic surgeon prior to and after the procedure. Stitches will be removed in 10 days and you will have to follow specific instructions for care of the area, but most patients experience very little if any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure or the recovery period. Contact Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery to know more.

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