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Considerations to Make When Choosing a Business Meeting Venue in Summerville, SC

Finding the ideal Business Meeting Venue in Summerville, SC can be time-consuming, simply because there are so many local choices available. To ease the decision-making process, below are some top considerations to make when choosing a conference venue.


Venue location is one of the main factors to consider when making a selection. Planners should choose a venue that’s conveniently located, with easy access to public transportation and/or free parking. A dedicated meeting venue is more likely to be able to meet a business’ needs.


Before beginning the search for a meeting venue, the planner should set a firm budget. While price is important, a planner shouldn’t choose the cheapest available venue as it may include hidden fees and poor service. Choose a meeting venue that offers a good value, and be sure to read customer testimonials and online reviews.

Services and Facilities

A good venue always offers great services and features. Common benefits include main meeting rooms, equipment, tech support, refreshments, and stationery. If delegates are travelling from afar, they’ll need accommodations. A good Business Meeting Venue in Summerville, SC can recommend a nearby hotel to meet attendees’ needs.


Planners should ensure that the chosen venue meets the business’ needs. For a smaller meeting, an intimate venue may be best. For a larger conference, a venue with multiple rooms, restaurants, outdoor spaces, leisure facilities and nearby accommodations is ideal.

Response Time

When a planner finds a good venue, they should pay careful attention to how quickly the customer service team responds to inquiries. Response time is often indicative of the level of service a venue provides.

Site Visits

If a business owner or event planner decides to visit the venue they’ve chosen for an event, they should look for a few things such as:

1. The welcome provided by the sales rep and the receptionist

2. The venue’s cleanliness

3. The amount of available parking

4. Food and beverage availability

5. The staff’s behavior

Visit The Meeting Place by STP Today

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it provides event planners with some venue selection guidelines. For more information or to book a venue, visit The Meeting Place by STP online.

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