Consider Ript Skin Systems to Repair Damaged Hands

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If you love rock climbing, weightlifting, rowing, gymnastics and other activities that use your hands, you may find that your hands are calloused, damaged or otherwise unsightly. If this is the case, you should consider Ript Skin Systems to help replenish moisture and prevent problems in the future. Each Ript skin kit includes two different hand balms and a pumice stone.


If you notice calluses on your hands or feet, this is due to friction. Over time, the friction will cause extra skin to grow in the same area, though it is not required. These can be hard, painful or itchy. If you have calluses on your hands from the activities and exercise you enjoy, there are Ript skin systems available at Boxfreak to help reduce and remove the calluses. The Ript brand offers a great choice that includes special pumice stone and hand balms. The pumice stone should be used first to soften calluses. It is usually best to use the stone in the shower because it needs to be wet, along with your skin. Once wet, rub the stone over the callus to thin it.

A callus should never be removed without proper medical attention because the callus is there to protect your hands from further damage. Never pick or cut a callus, but instead use a pumice stone to thin them.

Daily Dose Hand Balm

Use the Daily Dose Hand Balm from the Ript skin system to prevent tearing of the skin and increase hydration. Skin, just like the inside of the body, must be replenished with water, hydration and moisture. You should use the Daily Dose balm on your hands once a day, preferably after a shower.

Using a pumice stone and the hand balm will reduce the amount of tears in the skin. However, it can still be possible to rip the skin, depending on what activities you do.

Quick Fix Hand Balm

Systems such as the Ript skin kit offer a Quick Fix balm that can be used immediately after the skin has ripped. Apply the balm to the affected area, which should completely fill the rip in the hand. This will seal it from dirt, dust, grime and other elements. The ingredients used will cool irritated skin and help reduce inflammation. It will also keep the wound safe from infection.

You should continue using Quick Fix balm until the body produces new skin and then use the daily dose balm to prevent new tears or rips. For more information, check out our profile at:

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