Consequences of Not Being Timely with Residential Roofing Repair

Have you got a leak in your roof? Residential roofing repair is something that should not be procrastinated. When it comes to residential roofing repair, St. Louis roofers will tell you that what starts off as a relatively inexpensive roofing repair could wind up equating to a whole lot of damage due to neglect.

A quick homemade patch job or worse, a bucket simply placed to catch the leaks, won’t be enough and the longer the damage is left, the worse (and more expensive) it’ll become.

Roof Leaks: Damaging More than the Roof

Water from a leaking roof doesn’t just result in wet rugs and some damaged drywall. That leak could travel within walls as well as straight down. Water damage can cause black mold, a disaster for your respiratory system.

The inside of your house isn’t weatherproof, of course, so the more exposure to wet, the more damage it can cause. Walls and ceilings can bubble and black mold can make an appearance before long.

The sooner you arrange for residential roofing repair, the sooner St. Louis roofers can stop that leak at the source and ensure that the damage doesn’t travel. If that sort of damage has already been done, the roofing company can help you assess the damage and come up with a game plan not only to repair or replace the roof but to plan for the repairs that might need to be done inside the home.

Roof Repairs: Could they be Covered by Warranty?

Is your roof under warranty? If you’ve got a leaking roof, roofing repair could be covered by that warranty. Even if you’re newly in your home, some roofing supplier products have transferable warranties.

Whether this is the case or not, it’s imperative that roof repairs on homes or businesses are handled as soon as you spot a problem. Even if your home hasn’t shown signs of water damage but you spot loose shingles, it’s advantageous to have residential roofing repair specialists come in to assess the roof and help you prepare for what needs to be done to safeguard your home.

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