Composite Manufacturing Companies Provide Many Benefits and Uses

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Business

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There are many composite manufacturing companies throughout the world because there are many reasons to use composite materials. A composite material is something that is made up of at least two different material options that are then combined to create a better and more unique option. Many companies now use composite to describe reinforced plastic, though it can be used for any production of composite materials.

Short History

Though you probably don’t care to know the long history of composites, it’s important to understand that they have been around for many years. In ancient times when homes were built with adobe, adobe was actually a composite, though it wasn’t manufactured in companies, it was simply made with straw and mud.

Current uses of composites can be for almost anything, but they are mainly used for fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). Common materials that can be used in composite manufacturing include fiberglass, aramid fiber, boron fiber, carbon fiber, wood, flax, rubber, plastic and more. Plastic resins can include polyester, polyurethane, epoxy, vinyl ester and more.

Where Composites Can be Used and Examples

Adobe, concrete, some types of rubber and more are all examples of composites. Even natural materials such as wood are considered composites because wood is composed of many cellulose fibers.

However, because most companies and people associate composite with FRP, this is what is most focused on. These reinforced plastics composites are used in manufacturing to make airplanes, sporting equipment, boats, automotive parts, body armor, building materials, water pipes, tool handles, ladder rails and even bridges.

Rubber is another composite that most people think is a single material. Rubber comes from the rubber tree, but to create the many products that use rubber, other materials must be included. Latex gloves are considered to be rubber, but they also include a lot of other materials to make them form the shape of a hand.


Composites have a lot of benefits. The biggest benefit most companies and consumers see is that products made of composites are lighter in weight. This means a lot for everyone involved, including manufacturing companies, shipping companies and consumers. Because they weigh less, composite materials cost less to ship and will save money on fuel. Those products that are lighter in weight will be easier to use by consumers.

Other benefits include a longer life, flexibility with design, lower maintenance, non-conductive and non-corrosive materials are made for many products.

Composite manufacturing companies make items that have many great benefits. If you are interested in finding a company, consider R.E. Darling Co., Inc. They are dedicated to producing quality products.

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