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Common Repair Issues for Transmissions in Jenison MI

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is the transmission because without it your car would not be able to move at all. The transmission of your vehicle helps to send the power from the engine to the wheels, which then make the car move. Having a problem with your transmission can be a very confusing and complex situation, especially if you have no previous mechanical experience. Here are a few common causes for repairs done to Transmissions Jenison MI.

Low Fluid or Leaking Fluid

One of the most common types of transmission repair is fluid leaking from the housing or gaskets. The seals in the transmission will also go bad over time due to dry rot and begin to leak transmission fluid everywhere. Some vehicles have what is called a transmission cooler which can become contaminated with engine coolant and then begin to leak from the cooler itself. If you start to notice that your transmission is slipping or not shifting properly, you may have low fluid. In cases like this, you should take your vehicle to a professional who specializes in Transmissions Jenison MI so they can take a look at it and hopefully repair any issues that exist.

Issues with the Torque Converter

Another common problem with most transmissions is the torque converter, which can cause a lot of damage if not fixed right away. One of the warning signs that you have problems with your torque converter is strange noises when you are driving. Usually, these roaring type noises will be caused by worn out needle bearings, which need to replaced by someone with knowledge of transmissions. In some cases the fluid in the torque converter may cause some noises if it low, so be sure to take it to a professional so they can properly diagnose the problem.

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