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Common Problems to Watch for with Metal Roof Installation in Nassau County NY

Metal roofing is now considered a highly popular option for homes. Some of the reasons for this include its superior durability, eco-friendly design, and long lifespan. However proper metal roof installation in Nassau County NY is essential to maximize the benefits offered. Oversights and errors during the installation can lead to serious issues down the road. Some of these may be expensive to fix. Knowing that the most common mistakes can help ensure they are avoided.

Improperly or Poorly Attached Flashing

When the flashing is being attached, it is important to not leave any open seams or to lap the panels incorrectly. If this is done, the finished roof may be susceptible to wind damage. In some extreme cases, errors with the installation of the flashing may lead to sections of the home’s roof blowing off during a heavy windstorm. When installing the flashing make sure to always place the short lip cover over the fat lip. If this isn’t done, the roof is going to be unstable.

Not Setting the Screws Properly

It is important that the screws are not set too tightly. This may result in damaged washers. However, also make sure the screws are not too loose. If this happens, the roofing panels may eventually become dislodged from their original placement. The screws should be easy to drive, with very little resistance. If this doesn’t happen, then the wrong nut driver may be being used.

Overusing the Sealant

In some cases, those who are inexperienced try to cover up mistakes or fill in gaps by over-applying caulking. However, when a person is trying to handle the Metal Roof Installation in Nassau County NY, they should not waterproof it with the sealant. Instead, they need to properly place and secure the trim and panels. Caulking should only be used as a secondary waterproofing method. The sealant only needs to be used on the underside of a trim or panel piece.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by installing a metal roof correctly. Doing so can help ensure it has a long lifespan and provides all the advantages listed above. Additional information is available to those who contact us. Being informed is the best way to ensure a metal roof is installed properly.