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Commercial vs. residential painters

To anyone that is not deeply involved in the painting industry it may appear that there is little or no difference between commercial and residential work. As the ultimate objective is to apply paint to surfaces it stands to reason that there are numerous commonalities and many commercial painters in Salinas do residential work as well. However, there are important distinctions between the two.

What do commercial painters do that is so different?

  • Size of the job: When a commercial painter is hired it is almost always a big job and the majority or painters that only deal in the residential arena usually lack the necessary infrastructure including equipment such as mobile lift platforms and scaffolding. Commercial painters have enough employees to complete large, sometimes complex jobs on a very demanding schedule.
  • Coordination: In addition, commercial painters are used to working in quite demanding environments. In the case of a residential job chances are it is only the master painter and a helper while commercial painters are required to work in cooperation with other trades that are also on the job. Commercial painters in Salinas must be adept at coordinating with other trades to ensure the job moves along as planned.
  • Skills: Commercial painters often have skills that residential painters do not have. It is not unusual for commercial projects to include such things as faux finishes, epoxy flooring or electrostatic painting, services that simply would not be required in residences.

In addition, commercial painters in Salinas often work to a schedule that fits with the business needs of the client; commercial painters often are not afforded the luxury of working daytime, Monday through Friday. When commercial painters are tasked with painting the interior of a store that is open to the public during the day, by necessity the painters can only work at night.

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